June 30, 2017

Testosterone Treatments


We have designed for you specific treatments to improve what really matters to you, and also at a very reasonable price.

In each case, the doctor will customize each treatment, adapting it to your current circumstances, which we will verify taking into account your personal preferences, your physical parameters resulting from the analysis, and a physical test that you will carry out in the centre.

All our testosterone treatments are based on the medical test results of each patient, and it is at the doctor´s discretion its administration or moderation. All our treatments are very safe, as the goal is to improve your health.

TESTOSTERONE TREATMENTS: Every patient has specific needs, different health test results and their own priorities to be improved. That´s why we cannot design a generic testosterone treatment. After a thorough medical examination, if applicable, the doctor will explain in detail what the specific treatment for you will be provided, its duration, doses, etc., in order to help you achieve your optimum levels of testosterone in blood, so that you are the one you used to be and feel good again.