June 30, 2017



Completemen´s health and vitality are our goal.

At Low Testosterone Clinic Doctor T we want to help you return to be who you used to be. Talk to our medical professionals, we will make a complete analysis, medical tests to check your health status, and especially to verify your testosterone levels in blood. If your testosterone levels are not within the correct range, we will inform you of everything you need to know about testosterone replacement therapies and we will administrate it under medical supervision.


After testing several treatments, 90% of men have found the best results with our therapies, and these results have been wonderful

Improve your physical and mental agility, feel a better state of mind, increase your libido, and reduce your belly fat, among other benefits. We believe that every man deserves to feel virile, have energy and experience better moods.


Testosterone is the core male hormone, that´s why it influences so many factors inthe human organism. In general, it provides the necessary mental strength to face the everyday situations in personal relationships (work, family …), and helps the body slowing its physical wear and providingit with energy. Below there is a list of all what testosterone therapy can do for you:

  • Muscle mass: protein synthesis increases, which leads to increased muscle mass, strength and endurance.
  • Increasing energy, vitality and overall performance.
  • Muscle glycogen: reducing fatigue during exercise.
  • Increasing libido and sexual capacity.
  • More manly voice, reinforcement produced in the larynx results in a voice that sounds deeper.
  • Hair growth stimulation – especially in the pubic area, chest, face.
  • Skin: thicker and darker.
  • Metabolism: basal (resting) metabolic rateincreases.
  • Blood: the number of red blood cells raises and the total volume.
  • Bones: calcium retentionis increased
  • Pelvis, it turns narrower and stronger.
  • Mood: your mood improves.
  • Heart: reduced risk of heart diseases.
  • Mentally improve concentration and focus.
  • Emotionally improve the motivation and self-confidence.


As time goes by, to lose weight and gain muscle mass is more and more difficult. This is likely to be due to areduction in your testosteronelevels(this is called hypogonadism, gonads increasingly produce less male hormone), we assume that this is as a symptom of age and we resign ourselves to havinga belly and some extra kilos. WELL, DON´T!!

At Low Testosterone Clinic Doctor T, prior to carrying out a blood test, an endocrinologist checks in consultation the results of your tests (which you can carry out in a clinic near your home so you don´t have to travel), and based on them, he will advise on the most convenient testosterone treatment to lose those kilos and improve your abdominal shape.

In general men accumulate fat in the abdomen and waist, but surely you know that.

We encourage you not to give up yet, it is normal that you have not seen results if your problem is that you need to increase your testosterone levels (or “low T” as they say in the USA, where this therapy is very popular for years, by the good effects it has).




Testosterone therapy is the most effective and safe treatment to achieve the desired level of muscle mass. US million people benefit for years from these testosterone replacementtherapies, which through proper medical supervision, can balance your testosterone levels.

An adequate level of testosterone in blood helps you regain muscle strength, toning muscles and increasing muscle mass in general. If you notice that physical exercise do not work as before, or your results are different from those obtained by other people doing the same workout than you, you maysuffer from testosterone deficiency and do not know about it. Come and find out, and if you suffer from low testosterone levels, we will provide the treatment that best suits your needs. Patients undergoing testosterone therapy experience an increment of lean body mass, achieving an increment of muscle strength and reduce body fat. A recent research shows that men with chronically low testosterone levels are 2-3 times in higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome. By stimulating erythropoietin, testosterone increases in blood. Lipid profile of the patient is improved and this can stimulate blood vessels in the heart.




Several researches showthat men undergoing testosterone treatments. have reduced insulin resistance and improved glycemic control.

A recent US research from the University of Buffalo concludes, after a clinical trial, men who had type 2 diabetes and low testosterone levels could benefit from a hormone replacement therapy. The research coordinator, Paresh Dandona, who was promoted by the US HealthInstitute, said : ” This is the definitive evidence that testosterone acts as an insulin sensitizer and is a metabolic hormone “. The study coordinator, Paresh Dandona, believes in the theory that testosterone has anti – inflammatory properties and acts as an insulin sensitizer, part of the data that indicate the ability of testosterone to reduce adiposity and increase skeletal muscle mass.





Therapy to increase testosterone is the most effective and safe method to regain sexual potency in a definitive way. Sexual function can be recovered totally and permanently, whenever is due to a testosterone deficiency. Testosterone is completely linked to all your sexual health: it increases sexual appetite, achieves firmer and longer lasting erections, increases your libido, improves the quality of ejaculations, allows greater power, etc.

A sufficient level of testosterone is required in order to have and maintain a firm erection. Intimate and sexual relationships become more pleasant if men testosterone is within its optimal levels. When a man experiences a lack of sexual desire and / or erections, it is likely to present testosterone deficiency.

Our specialists will help you even if the lack of erections is not due to low testosterone levels. They will diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment for your needs, always with the utmost professionalism and discretion, always seeking the patient to regain his sexual function as efficiently as possible.




The reinforcement produced in the larynx results in a voice that sounds deeper.


Hair growth stimulation – especially in the pubic area, chest, face.


This is one of the effects of testosterone therapy that is not very well known, but that has a great implication to improve men´s health.

A healthy heart pumps blood to your body, providing oxygen for the muscles and other organs for optimum performance. Low testosterone levels are linked to increase risk of cardiovascular disease. According to Harvard Medical School, the testosterone replacement therapy can make coronary arteries wider. This can be useful for men who present angina, chest pain, and feeling pressure when their heart does not receive enough blood.

Testosterone can also work in favor by increasing red blood cell numbers, which is beneficial in cases of anemia.





Reduction of density in bones, causing fractures, can be improved with testosterone.

Osteoporosis is a disease of the human skeleton that affects the bone strength, and causes increasing risk of fractures. In women this is actually monitored because when they suffer from menopause, it is detected immediately by medical tests, but in men, is a silent disease that takes too long to be diagnosed. The number of men affected by this is increasing, a research by the IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation) revealed that in 2025 the number of hip fractures in men will be the same than those that womensuffered in 1990. In Spain, 5% of men are affected by osteoporosis. If we talk about probabilities, it is noteworthy that 1 in 5 men suffer bone fractures due to osteoporosis.

It is scientifically proven that 30% of men with osteoporosis suffer from low testosterone levels. In addition, it is noteworthy that less testosterone means lower intestinal calcium absorption, leading to a reduction in bone formation.




When a man undergoes treatment with testosterone he recovers his vitality and energy.

A testosterone deficiency is usually accompanied by a state of depressed mood, not wanting to practice any physical exercise or perform simple tasks of the everyday life.
“I have regained enthusiasm for my daily life, my depressedmood he suffered has disappeared, I even practice now more exercise and I feel much better when I look at myself in the mirror.” These are some of the comments of men who have already undergone some testosterone replacement therapy.

ANDROPAUSE is that phase that men in their 40´s pass, is the term that is similar to women menopause, it causes, in many men, psychological havoc, as their hormonal levels drop, mainly testosterone levels, and is closely related to moods of depression, anxiety, loss of vitality and energy, etc.

It is well known that the main male hormone, testosterone (or androsterone), has antidepressant properties, however, the mechanisms by which this occurs have been recently discovered. It has also beendiscovered only recently that there is a region located in the hippocampus, an area linked to the memory, especially episodic and spatial one.




Insomnia problems that do not allow you to rest and makes youfeel weak can be treated with a testosterone replacement therapy. Many people have problems with insomnia, but sometimes this lack of sleep can be caused by a drop in your testosterone levels. It is important to determine whether the cause is the lack of testosterone, to be able to treat it as soon as possible and recover your energy and normal sleeping habits.

When men present such problems caused by hypogonadism, natural remedies do not help to solve this situation and that can lead to other problems in your mood, as a permanent fatigue, depression, feelings of lethargy, irritability…. thus it affects their daily lives and their personal relationships.






Testosterone improves memory and concentration which quality is lost due to ageing. Certain cognitive aspects,asa lack of memory, will be lost as people get older, or as various factors are added, such as low testosterone levels due to accumulated fatigue.

Concentration and retentiveness in men have been proved to improved in men who have undergone testosterone replacement therapies, thereby achieving an improvement in their daily and professional life.