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Now begins the months in which men and women usually interrelate more, for playful and sentimental reasons.

Do not miss opportunities.

On holidays, sunny weekends and good temperatures, on the summer terraces of the cafes, in the night pubs … in all of them, the atmosphere breathes desire to interact with others.

We must be prepared, and have the male hormones at their optimum to render physically and intellectually to the maximum.

In spring, for various factors, testosterone increases, being in the cold months when testosterone is at its lowest levels.

In spring and summer, specifically on weekends, is when more sexual intercourse occurs.

We’re going to tell you what you can do to optimize your testosterone for the season, to find you healthier, stronger, more agile mentally, less fatigued and more sexually potent, while improving your sexual desire.

All this, will undoubtedly help you face the spring season with a new spirit and vitality. Keep in mind that if you usually have tiredness, decay, lack of sexual desire, or lack of erections, it will also serve you to make you feel better at this time, but in this case we recommend that you go to a specialized center in low Testosterone as Clinics Doctor T.


Referred to a man of 40 years average. The levels are an illustrative recreation.


According to research published in Clinical Endocrinology, (2) by the Medical University of Graz (Austria), the sun improves male libido. The study, which studied 2300 men, concluded that those with a sufficient level of vitamin D had a higher testosterone level. These levels of vitamin D and testosterone were reduced in winter and increased in summer.

The researchers found that those men with at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D per ml of blood had significantly more testosterone in their blood than the rest. (3)

But before you get excited and go to spend hours on your terrace, the beach or the solarium, remember that excessive exposure to these rays is harmful to health, Can even cause skin cancer.

Some advices:

Try to expose how much more skin to the sun, the better. Even if the sunlight is not on high, you can take off your sunglasses.

  • Try to have the daily sun exposure at least 15 minutes.
  • If you can, take the sun lying down, as we receive much more solar radiation in a horizontal position.
  • Sun exposure should be direct, it is not possible to sunbathe from the house through the window, even if we feel the heat. (4)

If this is not enough to start feeling better in the spring, you may have a permanent lack of testosterone. In case you have low testosterone, it will feel good to undergo moderate doses of sunlight, and you will find yourself better, but it will not be enough to improve. In that case, you can take a free test at https://www.clinicasdoctort.com/test-salud-masculina/, where you will find the key questions to know if you suffer from low testosterone.


We should look for foods that meet the following premises to incorporate into our diet and improve our hormonal system:

  • Monounsaturated and saturated fats
  • Foods rich in micronutrients: essential vitamins and minerals
  • Reduce to the maximum refined foods, and with high sugar content
  • Control alcohol intake

Once we have the premises, we tell you the best foods to increase our blood testosterone:

  •  Oysters: Because of their high zinc content, they increase testosterone and sperm production levels. In addition, zinc is an aromatase inhibitor so it helps block the conversion of testosterone to excess estrogen.
  • Avocados: Contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, such as: vitamin A, C, B2, B5, or B6, and minerals Zinc, Magnesium, and Copper. Vitamin B6 acts as a regulator of the production of androgens, naturally produced steroid hormones, so it acts as a precursor to testosterone.
  • Mag Lean Meat: Few foods have an impact as positive as lean meats, because of their high content of protein, iron, magnesium, zinc and saturated fats. Proteins are key nutrients to optimize testosterone and promote muscle building. Although we do not want too many saturated fats in our diet, we need a certain amount to produce testosterone. The liver is responsible for synthesizing cholesterol to provide the minimum level required to use it in the membranes of cells and to produce testosterone and other steroids.
  • Eggs: Egg yolks are a rich source of vitamin D, which as we discussed earlier, helps increase testosterone levels.
  • Bananas: They are rich in potassium and vitamin B, key in the production of healthy male hormones. They also contain an enzyme called bromelain that stimulates the male libido and also provide an extra power stroke.
  • Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower: Increase the production of testosterone by reducing estrogen.
  • Garlic: A study was conducted at the University of Kobe (Japan), which demonstrated that diallyl disulfide, a compound found in garlic, stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone and is responsible for the increase in Production of testosterone in the testicles.
  • Tuna: Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) or Sexual Hormone Binding Globulin. SHBG levels increase slowly with age, which means that more SHBG binds to testosterone leaving less testosterone free.

Often when we are over forty, we try to take better care of ourselves, because our energies are no longer what they were, and we blame food, lack of exercise, etc. Undoubtedly the advice we give here is beneficial to our health and helps produce testosterone, the male hormone par excellence that allows us to feel good.

But once the decline in hormone production has begun, it is unstoppable. Helped by a good diet, and with the help of Doctor T Clinics, you can leave doubts and recover the best version of yourself.


The effect of testosterone on sport performance is well known, so much so that in high competition sport it is considered a doping substance. The high-intensity sport makes the man produce more testosterone, and testosterone in turn makes you stronger and competitive, is therefore a perfect match.

The first function of testosterone related to sports is the metabolism regulator. It is necessary to emphasize that a correct functioning of the metabolism is vital to be able to control the weight. Testosterone plays a very important role in getting the muscle fibers to grow and grow stronger. Thus, metabolic activity improves, causing a greater consumption of fat in the body of man.

With the arrival of spring, more fancy physical activities outdoors, the best sports to practice in this time are: hiking / trekking, rafting, running, mountain biking, tennis, basketball and soccer.

High-intensity interval exercise has had a proven positive effect to increase testosterone levels and prevent their deterioration. Unlike aerobic or moderate and prolonged exercise, it has been shown to have negative effects or no effect on testosterone levels. For example, one way to promote increased testosterone by doing sports might be:

  1. Heat for 3 minutes.
  2. Exercise as fast and hard as you can for 30 seconds. You must feel completely tired as if you could not take it anymore.
  3. Recover at a slow pace for 90 seconds.
  4. Repeat the process 7 more times.

Strength training is also known to increase testosterone levels, as long as you do it with the right intensity. If your goal is to increase your testosterone, you should increase weight and reduce repetition. Concentrate on exercises that exercise more muscle, such as weightlifting or squats.

It is usual that over time, do not get the same achievements on a physical level in the gym. And it is usual also that your level of resistance goes down, and your recovery time decreases. This also translates into your sexual capacity. If so, check that you do not have low testosterone, consult your specialist in Clinics Doctor T.


Many people during the spring show symptoms of tiredness, discouragement, irritability and certain discomfort. Some even touch anxiety and discouragement. This discomfort comes with the arrival of summer or sometimes in just a few days. Many doctors claim that these are symptoms of spring asthenia while others call into question the existence of this ailment. But the case is there are people who have a bad time in spring.

Try to look for a while each day to dedicate yourself, to release the stress accumulated during the day, go out to the street to give you the air and the sun, or relax on the sofa with a good book, surround yourself with sensitive elements Pleasing to you, such as textures, colors and smells. Unmanageable stress can have detrimental health

consequences. It is observed that when a person has difficulty coping with stress, testosterone levels fall below the normal range.

When the body is subjected to a period of continuous stress, the body reacts by releasing cortisol (the stress hormone), and this reduces testosterone

One way to combat stress is also to sleep enough hours at night (7-8 hours), practice yoga, deep breathing or meditation.

We understand that it is not easy to reduce stress. But we also know that stress is often produced by a sense of inability to cope successfully with daily challenges. The lack of mental energy to cope with our life is both cause and consequence of low testosterone. In Clinicas Doctor T know that an adequate level of testosterone will make you face the daily challenges is much more bearable, you will feel better and you will have more energy to arrive with power to spare at the weekend.


We are at a time of year that will make our testosterone levels soar, and feel better. But if it is not enough, do not resign yourself, stop by Clínicas Doctor T and in a very pleasant atmosphere, they will measure your testosterone levels, and they will recommend, if you need, the most appropriate treatment for you. And from that moment, you will come back to enjoy life in every way.


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